In this lab, you will practice creating subclips with Adobe Premiere Pro. Follow the instructions provided below to complete the assignment.

1) Log in to your assigned station. If you do not remember you assigned station, or if there is a problem with your PC, please notify your teacher.

2) Open the program, "Adobe Premiere Pro CC".

3) Create a New Project. You may call this anything you like. Save the project to a folder on the C:\drive.

4) You will create a New Sequence, and the name must be: "(your last name) + SUBCLIP". For example, Mr. Corken's sequence will be titled: "CORKEN SUBCLIP".

5) Select a camera and USB cable. Press Record, and proceed to record one video with a high angle shot and a low angle shot. This should all be shot without stopping the recording. We only have a few cameras, so each student must shoot quickly.

6) Copy the video from the camera to the C: drive, then import the video into Premiere Pro:
  • Plug the USB cable into the camera and into your station
  • Turn the camera on, and press the playback button (top left)
  • Select All for PC Only on the touch screen
  • Click AVCHD/BDMV/STREAM and find your 1 video
  • Copy that video to your folder on the C:\drive
  • Disconnect the camera and pass it to the next student
  • Import the video to Premiere Pro

7) Using the Source Monitor, create 2 Subclips: 1 for High Angle and 1 for Low Angle
  • Drag the video to the Source Monitor
  • Set an In Point and an Out Point
  • Right-Click in the Source Monitor window and select Make Subclip
  • Title your Subclip and click OK

8) Place your Subclips on the timeline.

9) Add an overlay title for the High Angle shot and for the Low Angle shot.

10) Add a title at the beginning of your video before the videos start.

11) Save your project.

12) Export your video in format H.264 using Preset YouTube SD 480p 29.97
  • Select your sequence in the Project Panel or Timeline by clicking on it
  • Open the File menu and select Export: Media
  • Choose H.264
  • Choose YouTube SD 480p 29.97
  • Preview you project in the window provided
  • Browse to find your folder on the C:\drive
  • Name your video file as: "(your last name) + SUBCLIP"
  • Click Export to create your file.

13) Go to My Computer (or Windows Explorer) and browse to find your file.

14) Drag and Drop (or Copy + Paste) your file to the InBox in this folder: AVP/SUBCLIP

Congratulations! You have completed this lab.
<What to do if you finish early>


High Angle included 15 pts
Low Angle included 15 pts
–Overlay Titles included 10 pts each
–Beginning Title included 10 pts

File Exported Correctly 20 pts

File posted to correct folder 10 pts
File named properly 10 pts