Banking and Finance Syllabus
Cy-Fair High School
Fall 2013
Instructor: Mr. Kevin Corken
Tutoring Thurs/Fri 6:30am - 7:15am or by appointment
OBJECTIVES/OUTCOMES Objectives for this course are aligned with Section 130.163 of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. We will place special emphasis on the following requirements:
  • Evaluating the role of banking in the modern economy
  • Acquiring knowledge of banking processes and services
  • Describing roles and responsibilities for banking and financial services workers, including educational requirements
  • Determining effective communication for banking business opportunities
  • Monitoring, Planning, and Controlling a banking organization, with emphasis on secure operations.
  • Describing laws and regulations in the banking services industry
  • Creating relationships with banking customers
  • Maintaining, Monitoring, and Controlling financial resources
  • Operating banking equipment

In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of personal and business banking. You will speak to bank professionals and others associated with financial services. You will use simulations to assess your progress.

EVALUATION Grades will be reported every 6 weeks according to this scale:
35% = Assessments (Homework, journals, practice questions, safety)
30% = Daily Grades (Quizzes, short projects and presentations, labs, work-based evaluations)
35% = Major Grades (Unit tests, cumulative projects, actual or simulated certification assessment)
  • Major Tests and Grades will only be given on odd calendar days<

Retake Policy: Students may retake one test or assessment per grading period with a maximum grade earned not to exceed 80%. The redo must be completed within 5 class days from the date the student received his/her graded assignment. Please note: Extra credit work or work (including re-test) turned in after the grading period or evaluation has ended may not be considered when determining a student’s eligibility for extracurricular activities.