Information for AVP-II and AVP-III

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AVP-II Assignment: "Lip Dub"

Lip Dub Lab

Old Projects:
Film Genres Listing
Central Themes for Film
:6 Word Story Lab
All About Me Video Lab
5 Second Music Video

Grading Policy:
AVP-III Points Schedule 2015-16
Each 6 Weeks Grading Period, you are responsible for the following:
  • All Daily Grade Assignments (20 points total)
  • (2) Assessments (20 points each)
  • (2) Major Grades (20 points each)

Your grade for the 6 weeks will be based upon the number of points earned on each assignment. It is possible to earn more than 100 points in a grading period, but points will not carry over, and the maximum grade is 100. However, additional work will be taken into consideration for future assignments and for conduct grades.
Points are not shared between categories. The maximum number of points for Major Grades is 40. The maximum number of points for Assessments is 40. The maximum number of points for Daily Grades is 20. (Example: A student earns 60 points in Major Grades, 30 points in Assessments, and 0 points in Daily Grades = Resulting grade is 70.)

Major Grades:

Each student will be given a major assignment every 6 weeks. The student may be required to produce an episode of Bobcat Television, produce the weekly cafeteria announcements, produce a contest entry, or lead another assigned production. Students in AVP3 are considered to have the prerequisite knowledge the complete assignments with direction, but little supervision. Students will be responsible for setting schedules, managing due dates, and turning in assignments on time. Each assignment is worth 0 - 20 points, and it is graded according to the production rubric.
Each student will also be given a second major assignment every 6 weeks. The assignment may be an individual production, or an additional group production. Rubrics will be given based on the assignment. Other assignments include competitions, contests, and off-campus assignments.


Each student will have 2 assessments per 6 weeks. The assessments may be a test over the material learned, or a production assignment which will allow the student to demonstrate what he/she has learned. The student may score from 0 - 20 points on each assessment.

Daily Grades:

Each student will have the opportunity to earn points for Daily Grades every 6 weeks. Points are assigned by the teacher, and there will be more than 20 points available for the 6 weeks. Students may complete assignments for the weekly announcements broadcast, BCTV Club Assignments, editing assignments, and other projects that may be assigned.
Quizzes will count for a portion of the Daily Grades for each 6 weeks, and will cover the topics presented.


4th Six Weeks:
60 Second Silent Story

MOXIE Reviews

In addition to your work on the show, you will enter a video contest.
Contest Links:
Win $15,000
UIL Film Contest
NFFTY 2014
CTPS Video Contest!
Drive2Life PSA Contest

Sign up for Events:
NOTE: You MUST sign up for one of these Board Meetings unless you have made other arrangements with Mr. Corken.
December 5th Board Meeting
December 9th Board Meeting

December 19th Concert Recording at Woods

Advanced Movie Trailer Project = This project MUST be submitted on-time for the 2nd Six Weeks grading period if you do not intend to turn in a Short Film. DUE November 5th!

Thanks BCTV: 2012-13
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STN 2013 Information
Advanced AVP 10/22/12: QUIZ IS HERE

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Fall Semester:

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Syllabus for Audio Video Production II
Syllabus for Audio Video Production III