Audio Video Production Final Project 2014-15

This is a major grade. It is the only major grade for the last 6 weeks grading period. You must meet all of the deadlines below to receive full points. Refer to Grading Rubric for points given.

Each student will create his or her own video using the criteria below. You are responsible for what you turn in, and you must do the bulk of the production work. You may “hire” other students to work for you during production, but you must write, direct, produce, and edit the video. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!
You must choose one of the following videos. Each one has its own set of instructions.
  • Music Video
  • Movie Trailer
  • Short Film
  • Newscast

Due Dates:
Pre-Production is due on or before Friday May 1st Cameras may only be used after Pre-Production is completed.
Production elements must be completed by May 11th and cameras will not be available after that time.
Post-Production closes on May 18th, and the premiere will be on May 19th.

Required Elements for all Videos:
ü A script and/or storyboard must be submitted by April 28th.
ü Your video must be submitted as an MP4 file (H.264, YouTube SD or HD).
ü You must have 5 seconds of black video at the start.
ü You must have a standard countdown timer following the 5 seconds of black.
ü You must create a Title Sequence in After Effects and include that at the beginning of your video.
ü You must effectively use transitions.
ü Your video must include at least one Chroma Key Effect or Mask Effect.
ü Your video must have rolling credits that give complete credit for anyone that takes part in the making of your video.
ü Your filename must be in the format: <Last Name> “AVP Final”.
ü You must submit your video to the InBox in the “AVP Final” folder.
ü You must meet all of the deadlines above.
ü You may not use any copyrighted materials. You may not use anyone’s likeness or image without their permission.

Music Video Instructions:
You must choose one of the the songs provided in the Approved Music folder. The songs and lyrics are located in the “Music Video” folder.
You may not alter or shorten the song in any way.

Movie Trailer Instructions:
You must choose one of these movie titles:
The Best is Yet to Come
Fun Times at Cy-Fair High
Pleased to Meme You
Quantum Lilly
Under That Spell

You may not change the title of the movie you select.
The trailer must be between 60 and 120 seconds TRT.
You may only use music from the “Approved Music” folder on the S:\drive.

Short Film Instructions:
You must choose one of the following themes (these are not the titles):
Alternate reality
Overcoming obstacles
Wrongly accused

You may only use music from the “Approved Music” folder on the S:\drive.
The maximum TRT for the short film is 8:00 minutes. The minimum time is 3:00 minutes.

Newscast Instructions:
The newscast must contain the following elements (but may contain others as well):
A Lead Story
A Stand-Up Report from the Field
A Sports Story
A Weather or Traffic Report

You must write your own original news stories.
You may only use music from the “Approved Music” folder on the S:\drive.
The newscast must be between 4 and 7 minutes TRT.

**Music and Sound Effects: If you need additional music or sound effects, you may look in the library. To get downloads from MegaTrax, write down the description of your selection and turn it in to Mr. Corken at least 1 school day before you need it.