An Intro to Premiere Pro
In this lab, you will begin your experience with Adobe Premiere Pro. Follow the instructions provided below to complete the assignment.

1) Log in to your assigned station. If you do not remember you assigned station from yesterday, or if there is a problem with your PC, please notify your teacher.

2) Open the program, "Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5".

3) Create a New Project and the name must be: "(your last name) + EARTH". For example, Mr. Corken's project will be titled: "CORKEN EARTH". Browse to your folder on the V:\drive before saving.

4) You will create a New Sequence, and the name must be: "(your last name) + EARTH". For example, Mr. Corken's sequence will be titled: "CORKEN EARTH".

5) Import pictures into Premiere Pro from the V:\drive:
  • Double-click the open area of the Project Panel (or choose File>Import)
  • Browse to find the V:\drive and the folder called "Earth Day Pictures".
  • Highlight all of the pictures in the directory
  • Import using defaults

6) Place each of the pictures on the timeline in any order you choose (Be Creative).

7) Play the timeline in the Program Monitor by pressing the spacebar.

8) Save your project to the V:\drive in your folder.

9) Export your video as an .mp4 movie:
  • Select your sequence in the Timeline by clicking on it
  • Open the File menu and select Export: Media
  • Choose "H.264" and "YouTube SD"
  • Browse to find your folder on the V:\drive
  • Name your video file as: "(your last name) + EARTH"
  • Preview you project in the window provided on the left
  • Click Export to create your file.

10) Go to My Computer (or Windows Explorer) and browse to find your file.

11) Drag and Drop (or Copy + Paste) your file to this folder: I:\AVP\<Class Period>\EARTH

Congratulations! You have completed this lab.
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