All About Me Video Lab
The Assignment:
You are a unique person, so as a director/producer, you should be able to tell a compelling story about YOU!


All aBout Greg


  • Must use at least 6 different shots for the video
  • Must use a variety of angles
  • Video must be between 60 - 120 seconds
  • Include the Bobcat Television Title bumper and credits
  • Music from Approved Music folder only!
  • "You" must appear somewhere in the video

Scoring Rubric:

Shots 30 pts
Variety of Angles 10 pts
Correct Shot Length 10 pts
Correct Video Length 10 pts
Tells a Story 10 pts
YOU Appear in Video 5 pts
Appropriate Music 5 pts
Bumpers/Credits 10 pts
Creativity 10 pts