After Effects Presets
  1. Create a new composition by going to Composition > New Composition. Name is LASTNAME PRESETS.
  2. Change the preset to NTSC DV and the duration to 10 seconds.
  3. This will create a blank composition.
  4. Go to Animation > Browse Presets. Open the Backgrounds folder.
  5. Click on a background to preview it. Double click a background to add it to the composition.
  6. This will add a layer called Solid 1. If you wish to change backgrounds, delete this layer before adding a new one.
  7. Click the Effects Control tab next to the project panel to show the Effects Control panel
  8. You can adjust the settings of the background in this panel. Change the color based settings to adjust the color of the background.
  9. Click on the text tool in the upper left side of the screen.
  10. Click on the background in the composition window. Make up a name for your production and type it.
  11. This adds a new layer to the Composition. The layer on top overlays any layer below it.
  12. You can change the text properties in the Character panel.
  13. Go to Animation > Browse Presets. Open the Text folder.
  14. Go through the folders to find a text animation you like. Double click it to add it to the text layer.
  15. NOTE: The animation is added to the layer at the current time indicator. If you are using an animation that animates out, move the current time indicator closer to the end.
  16. To preview everything together press play in the Preview panel or press spacebar. This may play slower than real time.
  17. Save the project.
  18. Open Premiere and create a new project.
  19. Import the After Effects project (this is the same as importing footage). If it asks what to import from the After Effects project, choose Comp 1.
  20. Export with you usual settings.