Advice to Young Filmmakers from Christopher Moore
As I'm in thesis for my MFA in screenwriting, I've learned so much about accepting when something doesn't ascend to the next level and why. Disappointment and discouragement is part of the blood, sweat, and tears people go through for their creative passions. The creative people who let the negative take something away from them always need to remember that is energy best used to keep dreaming, keep creating, and not waste time on sadness. LIfe is too short not to keep revising, keep improving, keep learning, keep growing. Your first attempts, drafts, and submissions might not always work, but it's the next one that might. Plus, if you really love creating something, a setback won't stop you from creating something else even better or improving on the things you've already made. Screenwriting teaches you that the struggle in making something that is successful is far from easy, so the more you learn how to take the reasons for the setback and use them to generate new ideas, the more you can free yourself to create. Sometimes just the act of creating can bring you out of the blues. Some days, just starting to noodle around on my keyboards got me writing a piece of music that got me feeling better. And I ended up writing a new piece of music in the process! Also, the more you know about yourself to manage the blues that you get from setbacks the more you can face those dark days. You'll be able to accept that their gonna come along and what helps you to do something about them. Take a look at any filmmaker/screenwriter/animator, and learn about their mistakes, not their successes. More often that not, it took a ton of mistakes to get that success. I could be wrong, but I suspect any working creative professional will tell you that.