Movie Trailer Project

Deadline Tuesday November 5th, 2013 at 3pm.

Submit a trailer that promotes a real or fictional movie.

  • Judging categories are camera/direction, lighting, audio/music, talent, editing, graphics/effects, storytelling/content, creativity, courage/impact and followed directions.

* Maximum length: 1 minute

* You must follow rules as detailed for contests. This is an Individual Project. One one student may turn in each entry.

You must certify that all audio and visual material they submit is fully the creation of the person submitting the work, or that written permission has been secured from the copyright holder to use the material in this instance, or is believed to fall under the “fair-use” portion of copyright law.

a. Licenses must include permission to incorporate the work into the entry; to reproduce and distribute copies of that entry;
and to permit the entry to be displayed to audiences. Licenses without that permission will be ineffective.

b. Submissions claiming a “fair use” of the underlying work should additionally be accompanied by acknowledgement that the participants have reviewed the information provided by the Student Press Law Center, and believe that copyrighted materials used in the production of this submission fall under the “Fair Use” portion of copyright law. The Student Press Law Center will be happy to provide help or clarification at no charge. Call them at 703-807-1904.