Advanced After Effects 3 : Moving in a 3D World

Your footage may not always be top quality, but you can make it look like a movie studio production by using some simple tools in After Effects. Find one of your own video clips that you would like to enhance (we only need about 20 seconds of it). Stationary shots work better.

Create a new composition in Adobe After Effects and import your clip. Add your clip to the Timeline.

1) Turn on 3D Layer
*Right-click and select 3D Layer

2) Type "R" for Rotation (X, Y, and Z Planes)
*Change X degrees to flip upside-down
*Change Y degrees to rotate backwards
*Change Z degrees to spin

3) Use Keyframes to make your video spin while playing.

4) Type "P" for Position and Zoom Out

5) Add the effect "RepeTile" to your clip.

6) Expand the clip either left, right, top, or bottom.

7) Use the Tiling Option to Unfold your clip.

8) Open Premiere Pro and use Adobe Dynamic Link to create a New Premiere Pro Linked Sequence

9) Go back to After Effects and make changes to the settings. Note that the settings changes are applied to your Premiere Pro project.

10) Export the Premiere Pro video and copy/paste it to the Inbox.