Advanced After Effects 2 : Adding a Blur Effect

Sometimes your script may call for a shot that is blurry or out of focus. Use After Effects to add a professional-looking blur to your video.

Create a new composition in Adobe After Effects and import your clip. Add your clip to the Timeline.

1) Duplicate footage

*Edit menu = Duplicate

2) Search for Effect = "Camera Lens Blur"

*Effects and Presets search window

3) Change Mode to Overlay

4) Adjust Blur settings for desired effect.

*Try changing Blur Radius

5) Open Premiere Pro and use Adobe Dynamic Link to create a New Premiere Pro Linked Sequence

6) Go back to After Effects and make changes to the settings. Note that the settings changes are applied to your Premiere Pro project.

7) Export the Premiere Pro video and copy/paste it to the Inbox.