Your team must create a Video Haiku.

A Video Haiku is a 3 shot film: The first shot is 5 seconds, the second shot is 7 seconds, and the third shot is 5 seconds.

The topic is “Open”

You may only use video that you shoot and upload yourself.

This video may only be 17 seconds long, TRT. This time does not include the Title Bumper or the Rolling Credits. You must turn in your video on time, so please budget your time wisely.

The video must include the following:
The Bobcat Television Title bumper
A Video Haiku (3 different scenes: 5 seconds, 7 seconds, 5 seconds)
Rolling Credits including the names of your cast members and their roles

Export the video to your C:\drive, and copy/paste it to the S:\Inbox\AVP\HAIKU folder.

Suggestion: Create a storyboard for your Haiku. The storyboard will be exactly 3 shots!

Scoring Rubric:

Each of 3 Shots 10 pts each
Variety of Angles 10 pts
Correct Shot Length 10 pts
Correct Video Length 10 pts
Tells a Story 10 pts
Use of "Open" in Video 5 pts
Appropriate Music/Audio 5 pts
Bumpers/Credits 10 pts
Creativity 10 pts