6 Word Story Video Lab
The Assignment:
Ernest Hemmingway once claimed that he could write a great story in 6 words or less. You will take this concept to create a visual depiction of your 6 word story.




  • Must use 6 different shots for the video
  • Must use a variety of angles
  • Shots must be no longer than 5 seconds in length
  • Video must be between :25 - :40 seconds
  • Include the Bobcat Television Title bumper and credits
  • 6 Words must appear somewhere in the video
  • Music from Approved Music folder only!
  • NO dialogue!

Scoring Rubric:

6 Shots 30 pts
Variety of Angles 10 pts
Correct Shot Length 10 pts
Correct Video Length 10 pts
6 Words to Story 10 pts
6 Words Appear in Video 5 pts
Appropriate Music 5 pts
Bumpers/Credits 10 pts
Creativity 10 pts