5 Second Music Video
No, it is not a music video that lasts 5 seconds, it is a regular-length music video that uses clips that are all 5 seconds long.

1) Select a song from Megatrax.com and download it. There are hundreds of songs to choose from. Yes, you must choose from these songs. No, I don’t want to talk about it. Stop asking. Really.
2) Go to the BCTV folder on the Student Read Only drive, and open the “5 Second” folder. There are 303 videos that are each about 5 seconds long. Choose videos to be used in your music video.
3) Set the video compilation to music, and edit the videos to make them interesting. You can use video effects, transitions, titles, etc. to enhance your production. Show me what you remember from AVP-I, and learn some new things. Share your ideas with your classmates.
4) Yes, the video must match the song length. Points for editing and effects, and following the directions.
5) Export as an .mp4 file and copy/paste to the Inbox in the 5 Second folder. Be sure to put your name on it!

The videos are copyrighted and you may not share them outside of the classroom.

Assigned Friday August 29.
Rubric available Monday August 31.
Production Due Wednesday September 2.